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     Super cleaning services from Camden Cleaning Company. The quality of the work is amazing, they have such great attention to detail, and the team are so lovely too.
Sarah Mogden19/05/2020
     This was a great cleaning company to work with! I will be using them in the future for sure!!
Jeff T.19/09/2019
     I definitely recommend this home cleaning company to anybody and everybody. CamdenCarpetCleaners did a fabulous job in my property and I have no doubt they'd do the same to others too.
Gavin G.08/02/2019
     I literally never have to worry about the housework any more. CamdenCarpetCleaning visit once a week to do the house cleaning, but are always happy to pop in if I need them to do my home always looks clean and tidy.
Greg Dunne30/03/2018
     just finished my end of tenancy cleaning courtesy of Carpet Cleaners Camden! They helped me get so much done! I was really impressed that just because they offered a really cheap service, didn't mean their work would be low quality. These guys did great and I'm really happy how it all turned out! Will deff use them again!
James E. D.28/07/2017
     I just want to say thank you to Camden Cleaning Company, especially the team of cleaners who showed up at my house. They really did provide me with an outstanding service and put in a lot of hard work to sort out the cleaning issues of my house. Great work from everyone involved!
     I must place on record my thanks to Carpet Cleaners Camden for being such great cleaners over the years! I am leaving the UK for pastures new but before I go, this company deserves to have its praises sung and sung loud. The cleaners I have had from them are friendly and very hardworking and they are the most considerate cleaners you could hope to work with - everything they do is based around your needs and that is why they are worth the price. I would certainly recommend that others employ this cleaning company, the job they do really is tremendous!
Beryl E.14/11/2014
     The carpets in my home have been looking a little worse for wear of late. I was reading up on solutions online and came across Carpet Cleaners Camden mentioned on a number of home cleaning forums and discussion boards. The carpet cleaners I spoke to offered a variety of services and budgets and helped me decide on one that fit my needs best. I just got my carpets back today and I'm stunned by how clean, crisp and vibrant they look. Will definitely not wait too long to have them cleaned again!
Rayna R.19/09/2014
     An untidy room is something that really gets my goat. There's just something about coming home to a home that you could've sworn that you've not long ago cleaned, and having to get your fingernails dirty again. It drives me batty! Thankfully, professional cleaners exist to take the load off, and Carpet Cleaners Camden is the one that helped me specifically. They were a joy to work with, they were simple to hire, and got the job done to a wonderfully high standard. Now when I come home, I come home to find my home in an even tidier state than how I left it! Terrific job!
     I usually don't need cleaners (I work offshore, not home that much) but having lent my flat for a couple of weeks to a mate of mine I found on returning home I really needed a cleaner! Don't know exactly why I chose this one but I'm very glad I did because the cleaners were excellent and got in all the corners and all the little bits which I don't tend to clean myself when I do clean. The kitchen especially looks fantastic and also seems to smell fresher for some reason, maybe just because it's so clean now. In any case, I'd just like to thank everyone at Carpet Cleaners Camden for the excellent cleaning done.
     As a landlord I frequently had new tenants from students to families and most left a mess. I was in need of a reliable and trustworthy cleaning company to call on when I needed. A mate gave me the details of a local firm called Carpet Cleaners Camden, so I didn't hesitate and booked a service. I was astounded at the workmanship, the company was easy to deal with and the employees did a magnificent job. I have an arrangement now to have them on a regular basis. I was so pleased with the cleanliness of the properties when they had completed their work.
Bradford Evans24/07/2014
     I'm happy with the service I have received from Carpet Cleaners Camden and would definitely recommend them to others. They are very efficient and reliable and the standard of home cleaning I've had from them is better than any other cleaning company I have employed in the past. They always turn up on time, and do the job better than anybody I've ever worked with. One other good thing about the cleaners they employ is that they bring all the products they need to do the jobs I need them to and that includes cleaning the carpets and the windows.
Gavin C.30/06/2014
     My wife and I are both very busy with work, so when we return home, we just want to relax and on weekends, we want to have fun. This means we have very little time for cleaning up and this means that we can't feel at ease there. We thought we give a cleaning firm a go and Carpet Cleaners Camden were just what we needed. We now hire their cleaners from time to time when the mess gets too much and they help us to have a consistently lean abode. We can feel happy together in our home and to worry about the cleaning, all because of the hard work they do.
S. Singh20/06/2014
     The cleaners at Carpet Cleaners Camden have been incredibly committed to their work in my home, and shown great respect with my furniture and other possessions. I have entrusted them also to care for some of my antiques because they showed that they were very experienced and qualified to do exactly that. They are a fine and reputable company, worthy of being hired for a wide range of work in the home. From my experience, they have been simply faultless, and I trust that many other clients have similar success stories to divulge. A fine service provided by a fine team of professional workers.
Leonard H.08/04/2014
     My office cleaners were neglecting certain parts of the office like the blinds, which is why I decided to stop hiring them. I was looking for another company that would thoroughly clean my office inside and out. A friend of mine told me about Carpet Cleaners Camden and I decided to give them a try. They did an A1 job of it and they even cleaned the blinds. The office was gleaming and I am very happy with the service. In return, I was charged a fee that left me smiling and very pleased indeed. I would recommend to everyone looking for a great cleaning service.
Benjamin Brown27/03/2014
     I can't thank Carpet Cleaners Camden enough for being so excellent at their cleaning! My place always looks completely perfect when I get in on Thursday evenings, which puts a great spin on the end of the week, no matter how rubbish work has been! You will hopefully have a similar time with them, which is why you should give them a call if you are looking for a quality clean and a great team of people!
Lorena Wolfe05/03/2014
     Cleaning upholstery such as curtains and fine furniture is a delicate task and demands specialized cleaners with expertise. I hired Carpet Cleaners Camden after reading great reviews online. I needed a company that knew how to handle fine fabrics and could provide a thorough clean despite the fragile nature of my upholstery. The team at Carpet Cleaners Camden provided all that and more. They were able to truly clean my curtains and furniture so it looked like new. The entire room smelled fresher. Their cleaning job really brightened my home. They are a great company!
Peter J.18/02/2014
     Working in the City can be demanding; hours are long and stress levels are always up around high. So when I come home to my flat I want to relax, and I want the weekend to be clear so I can unwind, recharge and socialise. I don't want to spend it tidying the flat, hoovering and doing the washing. So I don't; I let Carpet Cleaners Camden take care of it for me. Having my own cleaner for a couple of hours a week is a completely justifiable expense working the hours I do and actually they are worth their weight in gold. My apartment stays tidy and I don't have to worry about it.
James Cheesley30/01/2014
     A friend of mine suggested I call Carpet Cleaners Camden after she saw how much I was struggling to keep my house clean and tidy. I have a lot on my plate what with my job and my family, and I just never had the time for cleaning. This is a really great cleaning company. They're really fast and efficient and they've saved me so much time, hassle and effort. Even if I did do the cleaning myself it wouldn't look half as good as it does when my cleaner is finished! This is a great way to save yourself time and if you're looking for a cleaning company I highly recommend this one!
Lilly W.20/01/2014
     I'm so glad I hired Carpet Cleaners Camden when I did! I never liked cleaning around the house, and you could definitely tell! I decided I was sick and tired of living in a messy house, but my work schedule meant I never had the time to get the job done myself. A colleague suggested I call a cleaning company, and - although initially sceptical - it's one of the best decisions I've ever made! The staff are really friendly and experienced, they know exactly what they're doing and my house is always spotless! It's not even an expensive service, and I don't think I could ever go back!
James Y.17/12/2013
     I cannot recommend Carpet Cleaners Camden's services enough. They keep our home clean, and this allows us to concentrate on other things as a family. But more than just clean our home, they have become an essential part of our lives. We wouldn't know what to do without their services now - I haven't picked up a duster for a long time! Our home stays pristine and our cleaner is absolutely lovely. It was a bit strange having someone in your home every week at first, but the superb results will soon help you get used to that!
S. Crabtree02/12/2013

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